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The Hagler Institute is unique among public universities. If we are able to expand the Hagler Institute to cover 20 Faculty Fellows annually, we will have an even more dramatic impact on the quality and perception of scholarship at Texas A&M than at our current level of approximately 10 Faculty Fellows per year.

At Texas A&M, we have a proud history. The challenge is to decide what we must do to profoundly increase our academic strength. The Hagler Institute is the answer. Make a current contribution to the endowment, or join the Hagler Institute Legacy Society. Your support will help accelerate progress toward Texas A&M's goal to become a global academic leader. 

With help from loyal friends who understand the value of recruiting the best academic minds to Texas A&M, we will achieve the game-changing goals of the Eminence Initiative. 

The Eminence Initiative

The Hagler Institute for Advanced Study at Texas A&M University (HIAS) is the cornerstone of our approach to advancing scholarship at Texas A&M. Faculty and administrators have warmly embraced the Hagler Institute with assurance of more than $10 million in funding for the first five years, in addition to substantial indirect support and facilities.

This is a tremendous commitment that will allow us to recruit exceptional scholars through 2018. Only through an increased endowment, however, can we broaden participation and grow the Institute.

The Texas A&M Foundation is leading the Eminence Initiative with a goal of endowing chairs for Faculty Fellows in each college.


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Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University 
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