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From the Director

John L. Junkins

Brilliant scholars are the foundation on which great universities thrive. The Hagler Institute is the cornerstone of that foundation at Texas A&M University.

John L. Junkins

The Hagler Institute’s mission for Texas A&M is captured in one word—EXCELLENCE.  Thanks to the generosity of Jon Hagler ’58 and President Young’s related commitments of support by Texas A&M, the Hagler Institute is permanent for the life of this great University.  Top-level scholars from all over the world, nominated by our faculty, come to Texas A&M for up to twelve months to collaborate on research at the frontiers of knowledge. When one of those brilliant scholars chooses to come to Texas A&M as a Hagler Fellow, many academics in their field take notice, expanding Texas A&M’s reputation as a destination for the finest minds in the world.  Once here, they inspire and enhance the productivity of our already outstanding faculty and students.  In fact, it is the quality of our faculty, students, research facilities, and reputation that makes it attractive for these top scholars to affiliate with us.  Every person that the Institute brings to Texas A&M—at minimum—has achieved national academy membership or equivalent stature in his or her field, and each one has demonstrated significant achievements that have conquered the unknown. These Fellows include two Nobel Prize laureates and recipients of many other national and international awards representing the highest honors in a variety of fields, from engineering to economics, medicine to mathematics, agriculture to astronomy, literature to law. I invite you to reflect on the accomplishments of our Hagler Fellows. Their individual and collective achievements will stun you, as will their impact on Texas A&M.  On the other hand, we seek much more than to make headlines; we attempt to make a difference by accelerating programs and people at Texas A&M.  The vetting process identifies current leaders in their fields who have also earned reputations as excellent mentors and collaborators.  We have also structured the Institute so that the Hagler Fellows will have highly productive and enjoyable collaborations that significantly further their goals.

When Jon Hagler endowed the Hagler Institute and ensured its longevity, distinguished alumnus, Bill Carter ’69, wrote to Jon:

I honestly believe from an academic perspective this will do more for A&M than any program in history.

Our goal for the future is to double the size of the Institute and realize even more acceleration of Texas A&M University.  If you would like to be a part of this game-changing initiative, consider endowing a Hagler Institute College Chair. Such chairs are only occupied by Hagler Fellows during their active time in the Institute, and you will be associated with a steady, eternal influx of the finest scholars in the world joining the college of your choice.  By endowing a Hagler Institute College Chair you will help ensure your chosen college’s perpetual enhancement by collaborating with Hagler Fellows. 

Texas A&M is forever indebted to Jon Hagler’s generosity. Jon is the Aggie’s Aggie. As an undergraduate, he was corps commander and a Ross Volunteer before serving on active military duty as an officer in the US Army for three years. He earned an MBA at Harvard and later launched a career that led to remarkable success and accomplishment in the highly competitive financial investment community. He has been a longtime supporter of Texas A&M as a philanthropist and as a strategic planner on A&M’s behalf, recently earning an honorary doctorate for his gallant contributions to higher education. He serves on this Institute’s External Advisory Board. Jon Hagler’s life sets a standard of excellence, generosity, and principled leadership that is admirable and inspirational.

Thanks to Jon Hagler and others committed to this University, the future is now bright for the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study, and Texas A&M continues its march toward world academic leadership.