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Michael J. Duff

Class of 2018-19

Michael J. Duff
Michael J. Duff

Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics
Senior Research Investigator
Imperial College

Michael J. Duff is Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics (formerly Abdus Salam Professor) as well as a senior research investigator at Imperial College, London. His research has explored quantum gravity, quantum informatics, string theory, M-theory, and unified theories of the elementary particles. Duff is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London and holds the Paul Dirac Gold Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics, a Distinguished Achievement Award for Research from Texas A&M, and a Meeting Gold Medal from El Colegio Nacional. Duff will collaborate with faculty and students in the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering and in the College of Science.


Zhe He – 2018-19