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Madhavi Sunder

Class of 2022-2023

Madhavi Sunder

Frank Sherry Professor of Intellectual Property
Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs
Georgetown Law Center

Madhavi Sunder, Frank Sherry Professor of Intellectual Property and associate dean for International and Graduate Programs, Georgetown Law Center, is an internationally recognized scholar in copyright, technology and trademark law. Her groundbreaking work built the foundation for understanding intellectual property’s social effects and its role in crafting cultural relations. Sunder, according to the Stanford Law Review, has been recognized as author of one of the 20 Top Most Cited IP Articles of the Decade and also Most Cited International IP Article of the Decade. The California-Berkeley Law Review named her the co-author of the Top 20 Most Cited IP Article of the Decade in 2014. She received a Mellon Foundation grant to study academic branding and was named Carnegie Corporation Scholar and one of the Top 4 Young IP Scholars, Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School.

Sunder will collaborate with the School of Law.


Genene Adams, 2023