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Jean-Paul Rodrigue

Class of 2022-2023

Jean-Paul Rodrigue

Department of Global Studies and Geography
Hofstra University

Jean-Paul Rodrigue, professor, Department of Global Studies and Geography, Hofstra University, is a leading transportation geographer covering mobility, freight distribution, containerization, logistics and transport terminals (particularly ports). He is a board member of the University Transportation Research Center, Region II, City University of New York and is a lead member of the initiative as well as of the International Association of Maritime Economics. In addition he is the New York team leader for the MetroFreight project about city logistics. Rodrigue received the Edward L. Ullman Award for outstanding contribution to the field of transport geography by the American Association of Geographers.

Rodrigue will collaborate with faculty, researchers and students at Texas A&M University at Galveston and the College of Engineering.


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