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Peter Liss

Class of 2012-13

Peter Liss
Peter Liss

University of East Anglia, UK
Fellow, Royal Society
Academia Europaea
Commander of the Order of the British Empire

A fellow of the Royal Society and he is known for his research contributions on the biogeochemical interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere, showing how gases formed biologically in the surface oceans affect atmospheric chemistry and physics.

Peter S. Liss has been on the faculty of the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England for more than 40 years and is currently a professorial fellow.  His research is an integral part of the School’s Laboratory for Global Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry (LGMAC).

Liss served as chairman of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) for five years and was subsequently chair of its Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project. He is currently a member of the Science Advisory Council for the United Kingdom Government’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. He was a member of the United Kingdom’s Natural Environment Research Council for five years, chairing both its Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Boards. Until recently, Liss was a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. He currently chairs the European Research Council’s Earth System Science Advanced Grants Panel, as well as the International Advisory Board for the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland and the Board of the U.K. National Oceanography Centre Association. Liss is currently serving on the international task team planning the new global change research program to take over from the existing 5 programs. 

Liss was the first recipient of the Challenger Society Medal, has been awarded the Plymouth Marine Sciences Medal, and the John Jeyes Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and is guest professor of the Ocean University of Qingdao, China. Liss has recently been elected a member of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe). 

Liss collaborated with Piers Chapman, professor of oceanography, and other faculty-researchers in the College of Geosciences. He joined TIAS in the spring of 2013.

Dr. Liss made a presentation for the TIAS Eminent Scholars Lecture Series on February 14, 2014, titled “What on Earth are we doing? Lessons from the past to help solve future environmental and climate problems”

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Alison Smyth – 2012-13