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Professor Christodoulos Floudas is Gone

Christodoulos Floudas
Christodoulos Floudas

We can shed tears that he is gone,
Or we can smile because he lived. 
We can close our eyes and pray this is all a bad dream, 
Or we can open our eyes and appreciate all that he left. 
We can feel empty because we can’t see his smile, 
Or we can be filled with resolve like he always was. 
We can turn our back on tomorrow and relive yesterday, 
Or we can be inspired by him and live our lives to fulfillment. 
We can remember him and dwell only on his death, 
Or we can cherish his memory and help make it live on. 
We can close our mind, feel empty and fret about our loss, 
Or we can do what he would want: 
Smile, and bring our passion for life’s many possibilities. 

Tribute by Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study