Texas A&M University Institute of Advanced Studies

Lecture Series

Lectures from our Faculty Fellows

  • Having Fun with Molecules - Dr. Peter J. StangRead More
  • What on Earth are we doing? - Dr. Peter S. LissRead More
  • Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War - Dr. Robert S. LevineRead More
  • Balance Sheet Crises - Dr. Vernon L. SmithRead More
  • The Time of Your Life - Dr. Jay C. DunlapRead More
  • Precision Medical Research - Dr. Richard A. GibbsRead More
  • Current Trends in High-Performance Computing and Future Challenges - Dr. Jack DongarraRead More
  • Engagement Marketing: A New Source of Competitive Advantage - Dr. V. KumarRead More
  • The Cosmic Ecosystem: Connecting the Life Cycles of Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe - Dr. Robert Kennicutt Jr. Read More