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Saminehalsadat Moosavi

Saminehalsadat Moosavi

Receiving the HEEP fellowship, while pursuing my PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering, helped me work on more diversified and intriguing problems. This collaboration with Faculty Fellow Dr. Karl Hedrick introduced me to the fascinating world of autonomous vehicles. In order to reduce the increased number of accidents, many efforts to integrate automation components in vehicle and traffic systems have been implemented. Vehicle speed control is one of the important parts of advanced Driver Assist Systems, such as ACC (Adaptive cruise control), collision avoidance system, ecological driving system, etc. An adaptive cruise control system is an extension of the standard cruise control system. If inter vehicle communication is added to ACC it will be called cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC). Cooperative adaptive cruise control systems have the potential to increase traffic throughput but it requires very reliable communication. Wireless link is, however, subject to packet loss and latency. During this time we tried to investigate the effect of communication topology on the stability of the platoon of vehicles.

The work with Dr. Hedrick was extremely rewarding to me in various ways. His lifelong experience in driverless vehicle system will pave the path to success for me.

Ms. Moosavi continues her studies at Texas A&M with anticipated graduation in December 2019.


Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Year

December 2019

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Fellowship Year(s)

'15 - '16

Previous Education

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Sharif University of Technology - '14


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