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Eralda Lameborshi

Eralda Lameborshi

I am honored and grateful to have been selected as one of the HEEP fellows this year. Working with Faculty Fellow Dr. Susan Suleiman has been a privilege. During her stay, I assisted her with an article she was writing for an international symposium in Dusseldorf, Germany. I researched articles in the Italian press and translated their content for her. I also was able to have multiple conversations with her about the project, which prompted me to develop an article on the topic. The article concerns Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission, which seeks to depict a not so distant future where a radical Islamic party rules France. The topic is timely and the subject is engaging, particularly given the rise of the right and nativist discourse in France. Dr. Suleiman specializes on these political events in France, and she has expressed her willingness to read my article manuscript in order to help with the revision process, and to make recommendations for publication placement.

Dr. Suleiman and I worked together on her website development, and in the process I was able to understand the trajectory of her career, giving me the necessary understanding of the steps toward a successful academic career like hers.

Aside from these two specific projects, I was able to discuss my dissertation and research interests with Dr. Suleiman whose insight into Eastern European questions was very helpful. She exposed me to a number of problems I was not addressing in my research and recommended texts and authors that would be helpful to my research.

I am looking forward to her thoughts on my article and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a HEEP fellow.  Thank you for this opportunity!



Graduation Year

May 2017

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Fellowship Year(s)

'15 - '16

Previous Education

M.A. in English - Stephen F. Austin State University - '09
B.S. in Computer Science - Harding University - '03


R. Griffin

Journal Articles

1. Manuscript in development: Prophecies and Dystopias in Contemporary Literatures of Immigration, Migration, and Exile