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Miriam Garza

Miriam Garza

The Hagler Institute HEEP fellowship has provided me with an opportunity I never thought I would receive while in law school. Working with Faculty Fellow Richard Delgado and Professor Jean Stefancic—pioneers of critical race theory—has been a very gratifying experience. The professors gave me the liberty to research new developments in the law that impact critical race theory to update their “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” book. I have also conducted comparative legal analysis of two cases relating to race and minority status, to help the professors with an article that they will be publishing soon. I have continued to work with the professors throughout this summer by researching about other legal issues that impact minorities. I am very grateful for the opportunity to conduct research for the professors because it is providing me with an invaluable background that is preparing me to foresee many issues that may impact many of my future clients.

This fellowship has had a major impact in the way I see my career. The opportunity to discuss the impact of race, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status in the historical and legal context with the professors has helped me become a better student, and I know that it will also make me a better attorney. The experience I have received has made me a better critical thinker.  I have had two legal internships since beginning this fellowship, and I have found myself considering everything I have learned from the professors while participating in the internships. Because of this fellowship, I now see everything, from a court decision to political movements or ideologies, through the critical race theory lens. Learning about critical race theory has made me conscious about the many factors that influence our laws and our culture. I plan to use everything that I am learning from the professors to become a judicious advocate.

Ms. Garza graduated in May 2017.



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May 2016

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'15 - '16

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B.A in History - The University of Texas at Arlington - '14


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