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Julie Hammett

Julie Hammett

Receiving the TIAS Heep Fellowship Award has been a tremendous benefit to my successful first year as a PhD student in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. I was able to take part in many academically enriching activities and lead several projects. In addition to my research on healthcare systems, I also lead an enterprise supply chain consulting project with a major healthcare organization and I organized and supervised two different undergraduate research groups. My primary focus has been to develop a framework for remote patient monitoring of chronic illnesses. Proposals that I wrote for this topic have been successful; I placed just outside of the top-10 finalists for a student proposal competition and I won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program award. At the end of the Spring 2016 semester, I was able to present my ongoing research at the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineering Annual Conference in Anaheim, California.

My advisor, Dr. Mark Lawley, is the Deputy Director of the Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems. Through his mentorship and the multidisciplinary connections at the center, I have learned that I can differentiate myself to be an industrial engineer who can bridge the gaps of understanding between healthcare systems engineering, biomedical engineering, and computer science. This summer, I have worked to expand my knowledge through volunteering in a biomedical engineering laboratory to learn about new technology development, specifically on a novel cuff-less blood pressure design. I also attended a summer school for internet-based data science in Spain which connected me with a variety of researchers from across the globe. These experiences, and more, have been made possible by the Heep Fellowship Award, which gave me the freedom to pursue activities that are beneficial toward my career in academia.

Julie Hammett worked with Faculty Fellow Dr. William Marras.


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Graduation Year

May 2019

Degree Type


Fellowship Year(s)

'15 - '16

Previous Education

A.A. in General Engineering - Hillsborough Community College - '11
B.S. in Industrial Engineering - University of South Florida - '14
M.S. in Engineering Management - University of South Florida - '14


M. Lawley


1. Hammett J., Alvarado M., Avnet M., Lawley M. (2016). A Framework for Customized Patient-Centric Remote Monitoring Systems. Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Institue of Industrial and Systems Engineers. Presented in Anaheim, CA.