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Ke Wang

Ke Wang

I deeply appreciate the financial support that provided last academic year through the HEEP Fellowship Award. I had a good opportunity to fully access to the pattern of PhD study and concentrate on doing my research and coursework. In addition, this opportunity has allowed for an exciting collaboration with one of the leading researchers in my field of mathematics education -- Faculty Fellow Dr. Howe, a mathematician from Yale University, who received an Award for Distinguished Public Service for his "multifaceted contributions to mathematics and to mathematics education" from the American Mathematical Society. During the past year, I have worked under the direction of my advisor, Dr. Li, and Dr. Howe, participated in the design and teaching of the course of MASC 351 -- Problems solving in Mathematics. Furthermore, I took part in the organization of Mathematics Matters in Education workshop, which is conference for mathematicians and mathematics education researchers. Not only have I learned on how to design and teach a course for pre-service mathematics teachers, but also I have enlarged my broad context in my personal development. In addition, I obtained invaluable feedback from Dr. Li and Dr. Howe on my work. I have finished the drafts of two papers and submitted one paper to journal and four proposals to conferences. I will continue with Dr. Li and Dr. Howe' guidance, to work on a new project on elementary mathematics teacher education in the next year. I am looking forward to building strong relationships with them and inspiring my future study.


Teaching, Learning, & Culture

Graduation Year

July 2018

Degree Type


Fellowship Year(s)

'14 - '15

Previous Education

B.S. In Mathematics and Applied Mathematics - Huainan Normal University - '04
M.S. In Regional Economics - Tongji University - '09
Ph.D. In Subject Education - East China Normal University - '14
Visiting Student In Mathematics Education - The University of Georgia - '13


Y. Li

Journal Articles

1. Wang, K. & Capraro, M, M.( Submitted) A systematical review on concrete-pictorial-abstract representations: A modeling result.Educational Psychology Review.


1. Wang, K., & Li, Y. (July, 2016) Engaging students at the beginning of lesson instruction: four Chinese elementary math teachers’ practices. 40th Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME 40), Szeged, Hungary: University of Szeged. (International)

2. Wang, K., & Zou, J. (July, 2016) The Model of Teachers' Professional Development on Integrating the History of Mathematics into Teaching in Shanghai. 13th International Congress on Mathematics Education, Hamburg, Germany: University of Hamburg. (International)