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Shun Mao

Shun Mao

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the financial support provided to me this year through the TIAS HEEP fellowship Award. It allowed me the opportunity to focus on my research and thesis work without the distractions of teaching and also allowed me to present research at the 2014 IQSE Wyoming summer school conference which would not have been possible if I were on a teaching assistantship. Increased participation in research as well as conferences has impacted my future career in ways I cannot express. I have had the opportunity to share my research as well as career goals with Nobel Laureates and other world renowned scientists in my field. I am speechless with regard to the gift I have been given. Thank you for investing in my future.

In this year, I worked mostly for my advisor Dr. David Lee (1996 Physics Nobel Laureate) on the percolation study in aggregates of nanoclusters immersed in superfluid helium. Also, I worked in collaboration with Turku University (Finland) on the subject of dynamic nuclear polarization of hydrogen and deuterium atoms in solid H2 and D2 films in strong magnetic fields and at low temperatures. Meanwhile, we worked with a group from the Russian Academy of Sciences on the subject of spectroscopy of impurity-helium condensates containing xenon atoms. Our results were published in several high rank journals such as Phys. Rev. B, Rev. Sci. Instrum. and Phys. Rev. Lett.. Also presentations of our work were given at conferences worldwide.

Shun Mao worked with Faculty Fellow Dr. Wolfgang Schleich.



Graduation Year

December 2014

Degree Type


Fellowship Year(s)

'13 - '14

Previous Education

B.S. in Physics - University of Science and Technology of China - '09


David M. Lee

Journal Articles

1. S.Mao, A.Meraki, R.E.Boltnev, V.V.Khmelenko, and D.M.Lee, "Percolation in aggregates of nanoclusters immersed in superuid helium", Phys. Rev. B 89, 144301(2014)    

2. S.Sheludiakov, J.Ahokas, O.Vainio, J.Jarvinen, D.Zvezdov, S.Vasiliev, V.Khmelenko, S.Mao and D.M.Lee, "Experimental cell for molecular beam deposition and magnetic resonance studies of matrix isolated radicals at temperatures below 1 K", Review of Scienti c Instruments 85, 053902(2014)

3. S.Mao, A.Meraki, S.C.Wilde, P.McColgan, V.Shemelin, V.V.Khmelenko and D.M.Lee, "Experimental setup for investigation of nanoclusters at cryogenic temperatures by electron spin resonance and optical spectroscopies", Review of Scienti c Instruments 85, 073906(2014)

4. V.V.Khmelenko, S.Mao, A.Meraki, S.C.Wilde, P.T.McColgan, A.A.Pelmenev, R.E.Boltnev, and D.M.Lee, "Application of cold beam of atoms and molecules for studying luminescence of oxygen atoms stimulated by metastable helium", J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 568, 032010(2014)

5. S.Sheludiakov, J.Ahokas, J.Jarvinen, D.Zvezdov, O.Vainio, L.Lehtonen, S.Vasiliev, S.Mao, V.V.Khmelenko, and D.M.Lee, "Dynamic nuclear polarization of high-density atomic hydrogen in solid mixtures of molecular hydrogen isotopes", Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 265303(2014)

6. R.E.Boltnev, I.B.Bykhalo, I.N.Krushinskaya, A.A.Pelmenev, V.V.Khmelenko, S.Mao, A.Meraki, S.C.Wilde, P.T.McColgan, and D.M.Lee, "Optical and electron spin resonance studies of xenon-nitrogen-helium condensates containing nitrogen and oxygen atoms", J. Phys. Chem. A 119, 2438(2015)

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