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Yanghoon Peter Jung

Yanghoon Peter Jung

I am a third year PhD student of Exercise Physiology at the Department of Health and Kinesiology.  Dr. Richard Kreider, Dr. Claude Bouchard, invited as a TIAS Faculty Fellow, and myself reviewed literature on the Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) of human gene and obesity published up to 2013 to find a correlation between SNP, diet, exercise, and weight loss.  Approximately 260 articles have been searched with our search terms, 84 articles were reviewed, and some of articles were analyzed by the meta-analysis method.  Through the meta-analysis, we found some human SNPs (FTO, ADRB3, PPARG2 and etc.) had a significant relationship to body weight with diet and exercise interventions.  Also, we confirmed these findings might be used to develop a diet program for special population in the clinical field.  I am sure these conclusions will provide an initiative to researchers and developers interested in weight loss with diet and exercise.


Health and Kinesiology

Graduation Year

May 2016

Degree Type


Fellowship Year(s)

'13 - '14

Previous Education

B.S. in Animal Science - Konkuk University - '03
M.S. in Exercise Physiology - Texas A&M University - '12
Ph.D in Exercise Physiology - Texas A&M Univeristy - '16


Richard Kreider


1. Jung, Y. P., Sanchez, B., & Kreider, R. (2016). Genes and sequence variants in weight loss in response to diet and exercise: Meta-analysis. The FASEB Journal, 30(1 Supplement), 912-8.


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