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Necati Ertekin

Necati Ertekin

Mr. Ertekin defended his dissertation proposal. His GPR is 3.7. He submitted an article to a top journal this spring, co-authored with two A&M faculty.  The summer of 2013 he spent substantial time with Zale Corporation in Dallas working on a research project involving consumer returns.  

Mr. Ertekin worked with Faculty Fellow Dr. Aleda Roth.



Graduation Year

May 2015

Degree Type


Fellowship Year(s)

'12 - '13

Previous Education

B.S. in Industrial Engineering - Turkish Naval Academy - '03
M.S. in Systems Engineering - Naval Postgraduate School - '08
M.B.A. in Logistics Management - Naval Postgraduate School - '08


R. Metters

Journal Articles

1. N. Ertekin, M. Ketzenberg, G. Heim. 2015. Assessing the Impact of Service Quality on Consumer Returns:  A Data Analytics Study. Under second review at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management


1. Production and Operations Management Society - Annual Meeting 2016      

2. INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016

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